12 Crescent Examples in Real Life


Crescent is a curved shape that is thick in the middle and tapers at the ends. The prime examples of the crescent-shaped objects present around us include the shape of the moon, crescent roll, boomerang, etc.

Examples of Crescent 

1. Moon

The shape of the moon at any stage between the new moon and first quarter, and between the last quarter and the upcoming new moon, is tapered around the edges and is wide in the centre. Hence, one can easily observe the crescent shape in real life by looking at the shape possessed by a growing moon in its first and last quarters.


2. Chilli

A chilli naturally grows in a crescent shape. The tip and the base of chilli are usually narrow and sharp, while the middle part is comparatively wide. Hence, one can easily picture the crescent shape while looking at a chilli.


3. Banana

Bananas are usually curved in nature and closely resemble the shape of a parabola. The ends of the banana are sharp while the central part of the banana is wide as compared to the ends. Hence, a banana is a classic example of crescent-shaped objects present around us.


4. Prawns

Prawns and shrimps are usually curved in shape. The mouth and the tail of such aquatic creatures are tapered, while the rest of their body is thick and wide. Hence, they constitute a typical example of crescent-shaped objects present around us.


5. Slice of an Orange

If you remove the outer skin or outer covering of an orange, you will see that it consists of a number of slices. Each slice of orange is curved and is shaped like a crescent. Hence, the slices 0f an orange are yet another example of crescent-shaped objects present around us.

Slice of an Orange

6. Croissant

A croissant is a type of pastry that has French origins. It is shaped like a curve. It consists of a wide middle part and is sharp at the corners. Hence, a croissant or a crescent roll is yet another example of a crescent shape that one can easily observe in everyday life.


7. Ear Rings

Some of the earrings such as the loops are manufactured in the shape of a crescent. The middle part of such earrings is comparatively wider than the edges. Hence, they are a classic example of the crescent-shaped objects used in daily life.

Ear Rings

8. Boomerang

A boomerang is a curved throwing stick that exhibits a curvilinear motion. When a person throws a boomerang stick up in the air at a certain angle, it retraces its original path and returns back to the person. If you look closely at the shape of a boomerang stick, you can easily visualise the crescent shape.


9. Cookie

When you take a bite out of a round cookie, the circular shape of the cookie gets transformed into a crescent shape. Hence, a half-eaten cookie forms a perfect example of crescent-shaped objects used in everyday life.


10. Crescent of Beach

Beaches that meet the ocean often form a crescent structure of land that is easily visible from the top. Hence, it is yet another example of the crescent-shape present around us.

Crescent of Beach

11. Crescent Wrench

The crescent wrench is the most popular tool used by plumbers and engineers and is a prime example of the crescent objects used in daily life. These wrenches have a curved top that consists of a movable metallic mouth.

Crescent Wrench

12. Crescent Truss

Some of the roof trusses and bridges are constructed in the shape of a crescent. For instance, certain bridges like the harbour bridge are curved, have tapered ends, and consist of a wide centre.

Crescent Truss

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