14 Hemisphere Examples in Real Life


A hemisphere is a three-dimensional geometric shape that is exactly half of a sphere. In other words, if a sphere is cut into half, it gives us two hemispheres. A hemisphere consists of two faces, namely, a flat face and a curved face. The volume of a sphere can be calculated by evaluating 4/3 πr³, where r is the radius of the hemisphere.

Examples of Hemisphere

1. Igloo

An igloo is a prominent example of the hemispherical objects used in real life. The top of the igloo makes up the curved face of the hemisphere, while the base or the ground forms its flat face.


2. Bowl

Most of the bowls are shaped like a hemisphere. Hence, if you look at the bowl kept in the utensil cabinet of your kitchen, you can easily observe the hemisphere geometric shape in daily life. 


3. Mushroom

If you look closely at the cap of the mushroom, it consists of a curved surface and a flat base. Hence, a mushroom is a classic example of the hemisphere-shaped objects used in everyday life.


4. Cup

Cups and drinking glasses are mostly manufactured in the shape of a cylinder, however, some of the cups are also shaped like a hemisphere. 


5. Cake

Cakes are baked in a variety of shapes and sizes out of which hemispherical cakes are quite popular.


6. Hat

The shape of a hat closely resembles a hemisphere because it consists of a curved top and a flat base.


7. Earcups of a Headphone

The earcups of a headphone form a perfect example of hemispherical objects present around us. One can easily locate the curved and flat face of the earbuds by directly looking at them.

Earcups of a Headphone

8. Ice-cream Scoop

A scoop of ice cream served in a bowl or placed on the top of a waffle cone makes up a perfect example of the hemisphere shaped objects used in everyday life. This is because a scoop of ice cream clearly consists of a flat and curved face.

Ice-cream Scoop

9. Bun

A bun is yet another example of the hemisphere-shaped objects used in our daily life. 


10. Lamp Shade

Most of the lampshades are shaped like a cylinder or a trapezoid. However, some of the lampshades also have a hemispherical geometric shape.

Lamp Shade

11. Snow Globe

Snow globes are fancy showpieces that are generally shaped like a hemisphere. Typically, a snow globe consists of a transparent curved face made up of glass and a rigid flat base. 

Snow Globe

12. Fruits 

A number of fruits and vegetables are spherical in shape. For instance, a lemon, a watermelon, an orange, etc., are shaped like a sphere. If you cut such fruits and vegetables in half, you will get two congruent hemispheres. Hence, one can easily observe the hemisphere geometric shape while cutting fruits and vegetables.


13. Hemispheres of Earth

Our planet earth is shaped like a spheroid that is roughly considered to have a sphere geometric shape. The earth is typically divided into two equal hemispheres, namely, the Northern hemisphere and the Southern hemisphere. Hence, the hemispheres of the earth are prime examples of hemispherical objects present around us.

Hemispheres of Earth

14. Service Bell

A service bell or a counter bell has a curved top and a flat base. It consists of a spherical ball on its top, which, when pressed, activates the internal mechanism of the bell and creates a sound. It is one of the most common examples of the hemisphere-shaped objects used in our daily life.  

Service Bell

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