14 Trapezoid Examples in Real Life


A trapezoid is a quadrilateral whose at least two sides are parallel to each other. It is a 2-dimensional plane geometric figure. The area of a trapezoid is half the product of the perpendicular distance between parallel sides and the sum of the lengths of the parallel sides. The perimeter of the trapezoid can be calculated by computing the sum of the lengths of sides. A trapezoid is also known as trapezium.

Types of Trapezoid

In geometry, there are basically three types of the trapezoids, namely, right trapezoid, isosceles trapezoid, and scalene trapezoid.

1. Right Trapezoid

A right trapezoid necessarily consists of a pair of right angles.

Right Trapezoid

2. Isosceles Trapezoid

An isosceles trapezoid is a type of trapezoid whose non-parallel sides are equal in length.

Isosceles Trapezoid

3. Scalene Trapezoid

A scalene trapezoid or a scalene trapezium is a trapezium that does not contain equal sides or equal angles.

Scalene Trapezoid

Properties of a Trapezoid

1. The sum of all the interior angles of a trapezium is equal to 360°.

2. A trapezoid has a pair of parallel sides and a pair of non-parallel sides.

3. The diagonals of a trapezoid bisect each other.

4. The length of the mid-segment of a trapezoid is half the sum of the parallel bases.

5. The sum of the angles formed between the parallel sides and one of the non-parallel sides is equal to 180°.

Examples of Trapezoid Shaped Objects

1. Glass 

The width of the glass reduces while moving downwards. Hence, one of the best examples of a trapezoid can be seen while observing the shape of a drinking glass.


2. Lamp

The shade cap of a lamp is yet another example of trapezoid-shaped objects used in real life. It consists of a pair of parallel sides and a pair of non-parallel sides.


3. Popcorn Tub

One can easily recognize the trapezoid shape of a popcorn tub. The top and the bottom of the tub constitute the parallel sides, while the other sides form the non-parallel sides.

Popcorn Tub

4. Flowerpot

If you look at the 2-dimensional projection of a flowerpot, you can easily observe the trapezoid shape.


5. Handbag

Look at the shape of a handbag. You can easily observe that the top and the bottom portions of the bag are parallel to each other, while the rest of its sides are non-parallel. Hence, a handbag is a prominent example of trapezoid-shaped objects used in real life.


6. Bucket

The structure of a bucket is analogous to that of a trapezoid because it consists of a pair of parallel lines and a pair of non-parallel lines.


7. Guitar

Around 1970, the trapezoid custom guitars made by Chris Martin became quite popular. Even now, there are certain places where such trapezoid guitars can be seen.


8. Ring

If you hold a ring and look at the jewel fixed within the casing on its top, you can easily see a trapezoidal shape. The top of the flat jewel and the baseline of the casing tend to form the two parallel lines, while the sidelines of the casing form non-parallel lines.


9. Bathtub

One of the common shapes opted by the hardware products manufacturing companies to manufacture a bathtub is the trapezoid. Other shapes may include a rectangle, a circle, etc.


10. Wheel Barrow

The container used in the wheelbarrow is generally trapezoidal in shape. The trapezoid shape of the container allows it to hold comparatively more material than the other shapes.

Wheel Barrow

11. Shovel

The blade of the shovel forms the shape of a quadrilateral that has a pair of parallel lines and a pair of non-parallel lines. Hence, it is a clear example of trapezoid-shaped objects in real life.


12. Sheds

The sheds installed on the top of the houses and on the top of vending stalls are mostly trapezoidal in shape.


13. Boat

Trapezoid shape in real life can be easily observed by looking at the base of a paper boat. Some of the boats used for water transportation are also trapezoidal in shape.


14. Lock 

Locks are found in a variety of shapes. Out of which, the trapezoidal-shaped locks are most popular.


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