14 Square Examples in Real Life


A square is a quadrilateral geometric shape that consists of four equal sides and four equal angles. The area of a square can be obtained by evaluating the numerical product of its two sides. The perimeter of the square is four times the magnitude of the side.

Properties of a Square 

1. The sum of all the angles of a quadrilateral is equal to 360°, and all the angles of a square are equal in magnitude; therefore, the angles formed between the two adjacent sides of a square is equal to 90°.

2. The opposite sides of a square are parallel to each other.

3. The two diagonals formed by joining the opposite corners of a square are equal in length and have the value √2 times the magnitude of the side of the square.

4. The diagonals bisect each other at an angle of 90°.

Examples of Square Shaped Objects

1. Floor and Wall Tiles

Most of the tiles used in constructing and decorating home walls and floors are square-shaped. Hence, the tiles are one of the prominent examples of square-shaped objects used in everyday life.

Floor and Wall Tiles

2. Paper Napkins

Everyone has a stack of napkins placed on the top of the dining table. A napkin is a square-shaped piece of paper or a cloth that is used to wipe the mouth, hands, or objects. Hence, it is yet another example of square-shaped objects used in daily life.

Paper Napkins

3. Chess Board

The chessboard is one of the best examples of the square-shaped objects used in everyday life. Not only the outer boundary of the chessboard is shaped like a square, but it also contains 64 small square boxes on the inside.

Chess Board

4. Stamps

A stamp is a small piece of paper that is affixed on the front side of the envelope containing the letter before posting it. Most of the stamps are square in shape.


5. Cushions

A cushion is a bag of fabric that is stuffed with cotton, fur, wool, or beans. The cushions used to decorate the living room are generally square in shape.


6. Clock

In real life, the square geometric shape can be observed easily by looking at the front face of a cubical desk clock. Some of the wall clocks are also square-shaped.


7. Bread

A loaf of bread is generally cuboidal in shape; however, if you pick one thin slice of the bread you can easily identify its square shape.


8. Cheese Slice

The shape of the cheese slices is square. This is because it is easier for the manufacturing industries to wrap a square slice instead of wrapping a round slice.

Cheese Slice

9. Window

Most of the windows installed in homes are square in shape. In some cases, not just the outer frame but the glass inside the grilles is also square-shaped.


10. Chocolate

If you clearly observe the front face of the chocolate cube, all four sides are equal, and the opposite sides are parallel to each other. Hence, the cube taken out of a bar of chocolate is yet another example of the square-shaped objects seen in everyday life.


11. Photo Frame

Photo frames come in a variety of shapes. One of the most popular shapes of a photo frame is a square.

Photo Frame

12. Biscuit


Some of the biscuits are baked in the shape of a quadrilateral that has all sides equal, i.e., in the shape of a square. So, next time while eating a biscuit don’t forget to get yourself reminded of the square geometric shape and its properties.


13. Craft Paper

A craft paper is a colourful and textured piece of paper that is used to model a number of paper artefacts. It is generally square in shape.

Craft paper

14. Bedsheet

One of the most commonly used objects in daily life that is square in shape is a bedsheet. It thoroughly covers the mattress and protects it from dust and stains.


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