14 Circle Examples in Real Life


A circle is the 2-dimensional plane geometric figure formed by joining an infinite number of points that are equidistant from a fixed point. Here, the fixed point is known as the centre of the circle, while the distance between the boundary points and the centre is known as the radius. The area of the circle is pi times the square of its radius. The perimeter of the circle is known as the circumference, which is given as pi times the diameter.

Terms related to a Circle

Terms Related to a Circle

1. Centre

The fixed point situated in the middle of the circle is known as the centre.

2. Radius

The fixed distance from the centre to the outer boundary of the circle is known as radius.

3. Diameter

The line that joins the two boundary points of a circle and passes through the centre is known as the diameter. The diameter is twice the magnitude of the radius of a circle.

4. Arc

The line joining the two points present on the boundary of the circle is known as an arc. The shorter distance between the two points signifies the minor arc, whereas the larger distance represents the major arc.

5. Chord

A straight line segment joining the two points lying on the boundary of the circle is known as a chord.

6. Sector

The area formed by joining the endpoints of the arc to the centre is known as a sector. The smaller area formed between the arc and the two radii is known as the minor sector, whereas the larger area formed is known as the major sector.

7. Segment 

The area formed by joining the endpoints of an arc with the help of a chord is known as a segment. The larger area enclosed between the chord and the arc is known as the major segment, while the smaller area represents the minor segment.

8. Secant

A line touching the two boundary points of a circle is known as a secant.

9. Tangent

A line touching the circle at one point is known as a tangent.

Examples of Circular-shaped Objects 

1. Dishes 

Most of the dishes used to serve food are circular in shape. Hence, a dish or a plate is the most common example of the circular shaped objects used in everyday life.


2. Hub of the Fan

The wings of a fan are connected to a hub. If you observe the structure of the hub, you can easily observe the circle geometric figure.

Hub of the Fan

3. Ornaments

A number of ornaments that we wear are circular in shape. For instance, rings, bracelets, earrings, bangles, etc., all constitute a perfect example of circle-shaped objects.


4. Tyres

The tyres of a vehicle are yet another example of the circle-shaped objects used in day to day life.


5. Coins

The coins possess a perfectly round and circular structure. Hence, they are a prominent example of circle geometric shape present in real life.


6. Hula Hoop

A hula hoop is a toy that is swirled by a person around his/her waist, arms, or limbs for amusement and fitness purposes. The circle shape of the hula hoop can be very easily observed.

Hula Hoop

7. Vinyl Record

A vinyl record or a gramophone record is a disc that consists of modulated groovings. It is used to store and play audio information. A vinyl record is round in shape. Hence, it is one of the best examples of circular shaped objects used in real life.

Vinyl Record

8. Eatables

Cookies, cakes, doughnuts, pancakes, pizzas, and many other eatables are circular in shape. So next time when you grab a bite of any such food items, get yourself reminded of the definition and terms related to the geometric figure circle.


9. Button

Buttons are available in a number of fancy shapes, but the most popular amongst them are the circle-shaped buttons.


10. Clock

The most preferred shape of a clock is the circular shape. Hence, the wall clocks, table clocks, and wrist-watches are the chief examples of circular-shaped objects used in real life.


11. Dart Board

Dartboards are circular in shape. It can be noted easily that not just the outer boundary of a dartboard represents a circle, but even the inner rings are concentric circles.

Dart Board

12. Roundabouts

If you take a complete turn around a roundabout, you can trace its boundary that is circular in shape. Hence, roundabouts are a classic example of circle geometric figure present around us.


13. Giant Wheel

A giant wheel or a Ferris wheel is one of the major attractions of a carnival. The circular shape of a giant wheel amusement ride can be easily observed.

Giant Wheel

14. Compact Disc

A compact disc or a CD is a device used to store the data in digital format. It is circular in shape.

Compact Disc

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