Bajaj Energy Business Model


Bajaj Energy Limited is a renowned name for offering services of thermal energy generation. The company serves Indian customers and offers services related to power generation. Also, its main focus includes developing, operating, and financing solutions related to thermal power plants.

The tie-up of Bajaj Energy Limited with Lalitpur Power generation Company Limited makes them one of the largest thermal generation companies in the private sector in Uttar Pradesh in India.  Being part of the prestigious diversified Bajaj Group, Bajaj Energy Limited has a 2,430 MW total gross installed capacity. Out of this total, 450MW comes from its five operational power plants having the capacity of 90 MW each, and the rest 1,980 MW is generated from LPGCL’s (Lalitpur Power Generation Company Limited) coal-based thermal power plant. The locations of 90 MW projects include Khambarkhera, Barkhera, Utraula, etc. in Uttar Pradesh. Two generating units having a capacity of 45 MV each are associated with each of the five coal-based power plants. The commercial operations of plants were initiated in 2012 (first half).

Lalitpur Power Generation Company Limited (LPGCL)

LPGCL is considered one of the largest power producers in the private sector in India and is a subsidiary of Bajaj Group. The headquarter of the company is in Noida in UP and it is situated in the Lalitpur district in UP. It is considered India’s highly critical Thermal Power Plant as it uses modern technologies and advanced systems for automatic monitoring and control. Its major plant and machinery are occupied by famous indigenous OEM providers such as Siemens, BHEL, L&T. Plant has a full capacity of 1980 MW and it is highly efficient in consuming less coal to produce a single unit of electricity.

A Brief Background and Growth Journey of Bajaj Energy

The incorporation of Bajaj Energy was held on 1st August 1998. Subsequently, the company was converted into a public company and was renamed Bajaj Energy Limited.  The management of Bajaj Energy includes Ajay Singh, Naina Krishna Murthy, Prabal Banerjee, and many more.

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