16 Pentagon Examples in Real Life


A pentagon is a two-dimensional geometric figure that consists of five sides and five angles. Pentagon shape falls under the category of polygons, which means the shapes that consist of more than two sides.

Examples of Pentagon

1. Buildings

Some of the buildings and infrastructures are built in the shape of a pentagon. For instance, the Virginia headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense is pentagon-shaped. Hence, architects often make use of the pentagon geometric shape to construct apartments, structures, and buildings.


2. Cup Cake

If you trace the boundary of a cupcake that has icing on its top, you can easily visualize the pentagon shape. So the next time when you eat a cupcake, get yourself reminded of the pentagon geometric figure.

Cup Cake

3. School Crossing Signs

The signboards installed on the sides of roads are helpful to improve safety while driving. The pentagon-shaped signboards are typically used to indicate the school zone ahead or to identify country route markers. Hence, you can easily observe the pentagon shape in real life by looking at the signboards.

School Crossing Signs

4. Sections on a Soccer Ball

A soccer ball or a football is made up of a number of pentagon-shaped sections aligned one next to the other. Hence, one of the prime application of the pentagon geometric figure can be observed by looking at the darker sections of a soccer ball.

Sections on a Soccer Ball

5. Toy House

Toy houses are yet another example of pentagon shape in real life. If you look closely at a playhouse or a dog house, the outer boundary generally consists of five sides, five corners, and five angles.

Toy House

6. Circus Tent

If you trace the outer parameters of a circus tent, you will find that it consists of five sides and five angles. Hence, it is a prominent example of a pentagon geometric figure.

Circus Tent

7. Pencil

The five sides of a properly sharpened pencil can be easily located. There are two slanting lines joining the tips, the length of the pencil make up the other two sides, and finally, the base of the pencil contributes one side. Hence, a pencil is yet another example of a pentagon.


8. Diamond

If you look at the two-dimensional projection of a diamond on a piece of paper, you can observe that its outer boundary consists of five sides and five corners. Hence, a diamond is clearly an example of pentagon-shaped objects in real life.


9. Envelope with Open Flap

An envelope with an open flap consists of five sides. Hence, it is a perfect example of pentagon-shaped objects used in everyday life.

Envelope with Open Flap

10. Clock

Cuckoo clocks are generally manufactured in the shape of a miniature house. The slating roof sides, sidewalls, and the base of such clocks form a five-sided polygon. Hence, it is yet another example of a pentagon.


11. Flowers

Flowers grow in a variety of shapes. Some of the flowers available in nature are pentagonal in shape. For instance, the cypress vine, also known as, the star of texas is a flower that naturally grows in a pentagon shape. Hence, some of the flowers are a classic example of the pentagon-shaped objects present around us.


12. Buttons

Buttons are temporary fasteners that are used to hold two fabric pieces together. Buttons are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. One of the most popular polygon shape used to manufacture a button is a pentagon.


13. Windows

Windows installed in most of the buildings and apartments are shaped like a square or a rectangle; however, sometimes the pentagon geometric shape is also used to form the frame of the windows.


14. Tea Bag

Teabags are a prominent example of pentagon-shaped objects used in everyday life because each tea bag consists of five sides and five corners.

Tea Bag

15. Fire Hydrant

Fire hydrants have a conical top and a cylindrical body. If you trace the outer boundary of a fire hydrant you can easily get a picture of a two-dimensional geometric plane figure that consists of five sides and five corners. Hence, it is a perfect example of pentagon-shaped objects used in real life.

Fire Hydrant

16. Price Tag

Price tags attached to various consumer goods and products can be circular or rectangular in shape; however, the most common shape of price tag is a pentagon.

Price Tag

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