15 Arc Examples in Real Life


An arc is a portion of the circumference of a circle or a curved geometric shape such as an ellipse. In other words, the distance between the two points marked on the boundary of a circle is known as the arc.

Types of Arc

1. Minor Arc

If you plot two points on the boundary of a circle and observe the length of the circumference between these two points, then the smaller length out of the two lengths is known as the minor arc.

2. Major Arc

The longer length of the circle boundary between the two points plotted on its circumference is known as the major arc.

Types of Arc

Examples of Arc

1. Rainbow

A rainbow is a curve that consists of seven colours and is formed when the sun rays pass through the tiny water droplets of the rain and get split into seven colours. Hence, a rainbow is one of the perfect examples of an arc that one can easily observe in nature.


2. Bridges

Bridges are constructed in a variety of shapes and sizes out of which the most common shape used is a curve that connects the two banks of a river. The curved shape of such a bridge represents the arc geometric shape.


3. Doors and Windows

Some of the doors consist of a curved top that closely resembles the arc geometric shape. Also, the curved portion of the semicircular windows is a prominent example of an arc geometric figure used in daily life.

Doors and Windows

4. Taco

The shape of a taco from the side view closely resembles a semicircle; therefore, the curved part of a taco is a classic example of an arc.


5. Pizza

The most common example of arc geometric shape in real life can be seen by looking at the curved side of a pizza slice.


6. Bow

A bow used by the archers is shaped like a curve. Hence, it is yet another example of the arc-shaped objects used in everyday life.


7. Roller Coaster Track

The track of a roller coaster is made up of metallic bars. A roller coaster track consists of a number of ups and downs. It consists of a number of geometric figures such as a circle, ellipse, and arc. Hence, one can easily visualise the arc geometric shape by looking at the tracks of a roller coaster.

Roller Coaster Track

8. Dish Antennas

Most of the parabolic dish antennas are curved in nature. Hence, such antennas are yet another example of the arc-shaped objects used in our daily life.

Dish Antennas

9. A Ball Tossed into a Basket

When a paper ball is tossed into a dustbin, or when a basketball player throws the basketball into the basket, the paper ball or the basketball tends to move along a curved path. Such a motion is known as the projectile motion. The curved path followed by the ball in both cases is a prominent example of an arc geometric figure.

A Ball tossed into Basket

10. Pendulum

A pendulum demonstrates a to and fro motion with respect to its central or equilibrium position. The path followed by the pendulum while exhibiting this oscillatory motion is clearly a curve and represents a portion of a circle. Hence, one can clearly visualise the arc shape in real life while observing the movement of a pendulum.


11. Movement of Hands of a Clock

The minute, second, and hour hands of an analogue clock exhibit a circular motion with respect to a central point. If you observe the motion of hands of a clock in between two distinct points present on the boundary of the clock, you can easily picturise the arc figure.

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12. Sparkles of a Firecracker

When you light a firecracker, the chemical substance present inside it undergoes a number of reactions that causes a release of sparkles in the air. The shape formed by these sparkles is generally curved and is a perfect example of the arc shape that we can easily observe around us.

Sparkles of a Firecracker

13. Protractor

A protractor is a geometric tool used to plot different angles. It consists of a graduated scale placed along its curved part and is shaped like the English alphabet ‘D.’ The curved part of the protractor appears to be a part of a circle. Hence, it is yet another example of an arc.


14. Eyebrows

Our eyebrows are curved and closely resemble the arc geometric shape. Hence, they form a classic example of the arc-shaped objects present around us.


15. Buildings

Architects and engineers make use of arcs in the construction of buildings and infrastructures. For instance, if you look at the base structure of the Eiffel Tower, you can easily visualise the arc geometric shape.


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