10 Circular Motion Examples in Real Life

Circular Motion

Circular motion or circulatory motion is the movement of objects along a circular path. A circular path is a path whose every boundary point is equidistant from a fixed point, i.e., from the centre. Hence, in other words, the motion of an object equidistant from a central point is known as circular motion. For example, the movement of planets around the sun, giant wheel, merry-go-round, etc.

Examples of Circular Motion

1. Ceiling fan

A ceiling fan’s blades rotate around a hub in a circular motion.

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2. Giant Wheel

A giant wheel or a Ferris wheel is an amusement ride that is one of the major attractions of a carnival or a fair. The cabins attached to the rim of a giant wheel tend to move along a fixed circular path. Hence, the circulatory motion of the cabins can be observed easily by observing the movement of the giant wheel.

Giant Wheel

3. Satellites Orbiting Around Planets

The movement of a satellite around a planet is exhibited in a fixed orbit that is usually circular in nature. Hence, the motion of the satellites along the circular orbit is yet another example of circulatory motion in everyday life.

Satellites Orbiting around Planets

4. Stone Tied to a String

When a string attached to a stone at one end is supplied with a force to swirl it in the air, the stone rises in height and traces a circular path. Hence, the existence of circular motion can be seen clearly. A special kind of force known as the centripetal force acts on the stone that helps to maintain its circulatory motion.

Stone tied to a String

5. Stirring Batter

To stir a cake batter or while stirring tea, the mixing spoon tends to follow a circular path that is equidistant from a central point. Hence, the motion of the spoon represents circular motion. A number of mechanical equipment have also been invented to serve the purpose of mixing or whisking. The blades of such mixing devices tend to exhibit circulatory motion in a similar manner but at a rapid rate for better performance.

Stirring Batter

6. Running on a Circular Track

When an athlete runs along a circular racing track, he/she tends to exhibit a circulatory motion because the movement of the athlete at every instant is equidistant from the central point of the track.

Running on a Circular Track

7. Merry-Go-Round

A merry-go-round is one of the most common rides present in a carnival or a park. The children standing at the edge of a merry-go-round are likely to experience a force that pulls them outwards. This force is known as the centrifugal force that arises as a result of circular motion exhibited by a body.

Merry Go Round

8. Movement of Electrons Around the Nucleus

The electrons of an element revolve around the nucleus in their respective orbits. The orbit is the path followed by the electron to move around the nucleus. The nucleus here acts as the central point, and the orbit is circular in nature. Hence, the motion of the electrons is circulatory motion.

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9. Twirling a Lasso

The lasso trick performed by a person is a classic example of circulatory motion. To perform the lasso trick, a person tends to move his hand in circulatory motion. This makes the rope completely taut, and it builds a considerable amount of tension force in it. The continuous motion of the hand in a circular direction helps to maintain the motion of the rope and prohibits it to fall down on the ground.

Twirling a Lasso

10. Wall of Death

Wall of death is one of the most common stunts performed at a carnival. It is also known as motordrome. It consists of a rigid wooden cylinder. The stuntman or the rider tends to drive a car or ride a bike along the boundary of the wooden cylinder, thereby tracing a circular path and displaying circulatory motion in real life.

Wall of Death

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