10 Curvilinear Motion Examples in Real Life

Curvilinear Motion

When an object moves along a curved path, it is said to be exhibiting curvilinear motion. The notion of curvilinear motion is majorly used in applications that are related to centripetal and centrifugal forces. For example, boomerang, roller coaster, javelin throw, etc.

Examples of Curvilinear Motion 

1. Cycling 

A velodrome is an oval-shaped track that is used for bicycle racing. A cyclist racing or moving along the curve of the velodrome is said to be exhibiting curvilinear motion.


2. Boomerang

Boomerangs display one of the most captivating phenomena, it is way too exciting to see it return to the thrower after following a curved path. This curved motion segregates it into the category of curvilinear motion.


3. Turning of a Car

A car taking a turn on a curved road is yet another example of curvilinear motion. This curvilinear motion of the car is utilized in the construction of banked roads to avoid the adverse effect of the centrifugal force.

Turning of a Car

4. Ball thrown upwards at an angle

When a ball is thrown in an upward direction at a particular angle, it does not return to the ground following a straight-line path, instead, it follows a curve path to track its path back to the ground. Hence, the curvilinear motion of the ball can be easily observed.

Ball thrown upwards at an angle

5. Javelin Throw 

When an athlete throws a javelin, the rod does not move in a straight line. The javelin rod follows a bending path before striking the ground. Hence, throwing a javelin clearly demonstrates curvilinear motion.

Paralympic Sports - javelin throw | Javelin throw, Javelin, Sports


6. Motion of a Snake

The serpentine movement is usually wavy or s-shaped in nature. This means that snakes do not follow a straight-line path to move from one place to another. Hence, the wavy nature of the movement of the snake’s body displays the curvilinear motion.

Motion of a Snake

7. The motion of basketball into the basket

When a basketball player throws a basketball in the basket, he throws the ball at a certain angle. The ball then follows a curved path before landing in the basket. Hence, the existence of curvilinear motion can be observed easily.

The motion of basketball into the basket

8. Roller Coaster

The metallic tracks of a roller coaster are curved at certain points. The motion of the roller coaster train or the car on such portions of the tracks is curvilinear in nature. The best observation of the curvilinear motion can be made when the roller coaster train moves in the eardrop pattern.

Roller Coaster

9. Large sea waves

The waves formed in the seas and oceans are a result of the gravitational force exerted on the water by the sun, the moon, and the Earth. This gravitational pull causes the water waves to curl, thereby exhibiting curvilinear motion.

Large sea waves

10. Running on Curved Race Track

Racing tracks are usually rectangular in shape with round edges. When an athlete, running on the racing track, reaches the round edges, he/she tends to follow a curved path, thereby displaying curvilinear motion in real life.

Running on Curved Race Track

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