12 Push and Pull Force Examples in Daily Life


Push and Pull Force

Push and pull are the forces that are used to put an object into motion. Both the forces can be differentiated on the basis of the direction of motion of the object. A pull force tends to move an object towards the person applying the force, while a push force moves the object away from the person. Push and pull are some of the most basic forces existing in nature.


1. Thumb Pins

A drawing pin or a thumb pin is used to temporarily fix or stick items on a board or on a wall. The type of force used while pressing the thumb pin against the wall or the board is the push force. Using thumb pins is advantageous because they can be removed easily by applying a pull force and extracting the pin.

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2. Opening and Closing a Door

Most of the doors make use of push and pull forces for their operation. When you apply force, and the door moves towards you, the force applied is said to be a pull force. On the other hand, when the door moves away from you, the force in action is the push force.

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3. Pushing a Car

Usually, when a car breaks down and stops working, it is required to be dragged manually. Push force is most preferred in such situations. The push force helps the car to advance in the direction away from the person who applies the force.

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4. Pulling a Cart

When a person tends to move a cart, he/she applies a certain amount of force to it. Pull force is the easiest and the most commonly used force to put a cart into motion. When a person pulls a cart, he tends to move the cart in his/her direction.

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5. Inserting and Removing a Plug

While plugging or unplugging a plug in the socket, a significant amount of force is required. To plug in the switch, push force is utilized as the switch is moved away from the person. Similarly, to unplug the switch, a pull force is required.

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6. Water Dispensers

There are certain water dispensers that dispense water only when the button is pushed continuously. The push force supplied by the consumer is used to keep the button in place. Once the force is released, the dispensing mechanism is shut off.

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7. Pulling Curtains and Blinds

Had the push or pull force not been there, curtains and blinds would not have been easily used. The force required to drag a curtain or move a blind over a window is called the pull force.

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8. Pushing Furniture

We use the push and pull force every time we move our furniture to a new location. The bulky furniture is usually difficult to carry; therefore, it is pushed or pulled accordingly.

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9. Typing

Pressing a key, a switch, or a button causes it to move away from the user. As per the definition, a force that causes an object to move away from the person who applies the force is called a push force. Hence, typing on a keyboard is one of the best examples of a push force.

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10. Walking

While walking, we exert a push force against the earth. As per Newton’s third law of motion, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The counterforce exerted by the ground in the opposite direction is called the force of friction. Walking is possible only if the push force exerted by the person is greater than the force of friction present between our feet and the ground.

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11. Playing Football

While playing football, the player hits the ball with his/her foot causing the ball to move away from the player. The force responsible to move the ball away from the player is called the push force. If the player drags the ball towards his/her side, then he/she is said to be exerting a pull force on it.

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12. Dragging a Suitcase

When a suitcase is dragged along the floor, a pull force is applied to it. The applied force is greater than the existing frictional force that causes it to move.

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