15 Rectangle Examples in Real Life


A rectangle is a quadrilateral whose opposite sides are equal in length and has four equal angles. It is a 2-dimensional geometric figure whose longer side is called length, and the shorter side is known as breadth or width. The area of the rectangle can be computed by evaluating the numerical product of the length of the smaller side and the larger side. The perimeter of the rectangle is twice the sum of the smaller and the larger side.

Properties of a Rectangle

1. All four internal angles of a rectangle are equal to 90°.

2. The opposite sides of a rectangle are parallel and equal to each other.

3. The diagonals formed by joining the opposite corners of the quadrilateral are equal in length, where the length is given as the square root of the sum of the square of length and breadth.

4. The diagonals of a rectangle bisect each other.

Examples of Rectangle Shaped Objects

1. Laptops

If you look at a laptop, it has four sides, where the opposite sides are parallel to each other and are equal in length. This means that a laptop is a prominent example of rectangle-shaped objects used in real life. In a similar manner, the keyboard and the screen of a monitor are also rectangular in shape.


2. Books

Books are generally cuboidal in shape, but if you observe either face of the cuboid-shaped book, you can easily observe the rectangle geometric figure.


3. Cell Phones

Cell phones or mobile phones are yet another example of rectangular-shaped objects used in real life.

Cell Phone

4. Door

A door is one of the most common rectangle-shaped objects used in daily life. The length of the door is mostly kept longer as compared to its width.


5. Chocolate

A bar of chocolate is rectangular in shape. So, next time when you eat a chocolate bar, get yourself reminded of the definition and properties of a rectangle.


6. Table Top

Look at the tables present in your home or at the workplace. It can be a dining table, a study table, or a computer table. You will observe that most of them are rectangular in shape.

Table Top

7. Bed

A single bed is a perfect example of rectangular-shaped objects present around us. However, when two such beds are combined, the rectangle shape gets transformed into a square most of the times.


8. Curtain

Most of the curtains are comparatively longer in the vertical direction and shorter in the horizontal direction. Also, the vertical and the horizontal sides of a curtain are parallel to each other. Hence, curtains are one of the best examples of rectangle-shaped objects in real life.


9. Black Board

A black or a whiteboard used in educational institutes and at workplaces is a clear example of rectangular objects used in real life.

Black Board

10. Microwave Oven

A microwave oven is a cuboid-shaped electronic gadget used to cook or heat food. If you look at any of the six faces of the microwave, you can easily observe the rectangle figure.

Microwave Oven

11. Ruler

A ruler or a scale is a device used in geometry to construct straight lines and other geometric figures. It is yet another example of the rectangular objects present in real life.


12. Envelope

An envelope is used to cover a letter before posting it. It consists of a flap and is rectangular in shape.


13. Currency Bills

Take out a bill from your wallet and look at its shape. You can easily observe that it is rectangular in shape.

Currency Bills

14. Credit Cards

The borderline of the credit cards forms a figure that consists of equal and parallel opposite sides. Hence, credit cards are a perfect example of rectangle-shaped objects.

Credit Cards

15. Country Flags

Another example of a rectangle-shaped object used in real life is a country flag. You can look at the flag of your nation or any other nation, they are mostly rectangular in shape.

Country Flags

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