17 Sphere Examples in Real Life


A sphere is a three-dimensional geometric shape that is formed by joining an infinite number of points located at a fixed distance from a central point. The distance between a point located on the surface of the sphere and the centre is known as the radius. A sphere does not have edges or vertices. In simpler terms, a sphere geometric shape can be formed by spinning a circle along its diameter. The surface area of a sphere can be evaluated with the help of the formula 4π r², while its volume is given as (4/3)π r³, where r is the radius of the sphere.

Properties of a Sphere

1. A sphere is symmetrical from every direction.

2. A sphere only has a curved surface area and does not contain any edges.

3. The points located on the curved surface of the sphere are equidistant from the centre.

4. Among all the three-dimensional shapes with the same surface area, the sphere tends to have the maximum capacity or volume.

Examples of Sphere

1. Balls

Balls used in a number of bowling games are a prominent example of a sphere geometric shape. For instance, bowling balls, cricket balls, volleyball, basketball, tennis ball, etc., are all constructed in the shape of a perfect sphere.


2. Globe

Our planet earth is shaped like a spheroid, which closely resembles a spherical three-dimensional geometric shape. For simplicity, the shape of our planet is assumed to be a sphere, which is why the globes are constructed like a sphere.


3. Balloon

Some of the balloons used for decoration purposes are spherical in shape.


4. Yarn 

A yarn ball is round in shape and forms a prominent example of a sphere.


5. Bulb

Bulbs are usually constructed in oval, cylindrical, or spherical shapes.


6. Lollipop

The candy portion of a lollipop is generally shaped like a sphere and is attached to a cylindrical pipe.


7. Marbles

Marbles are yet another example of spherical objects used in daily life.


8. Fruits and Vegetables

A number of fruits and vegetables such as tomato, cherry, musk melon, watermelon, orange, etc., are shaped like a sphere. Although some of them are not perfect spheres and closely resemble the spheroid geometric shape.

Fruits and Vegetables

9. Water Droplets

Water droplets are naturally spherical in shape.

Water Droplets

10. Stones

Stones are available in nature in a variety of shapes and sizes out of which one of the most common and rare shapes is a sphere.


11. Chocolate

Chocolate manufacturing companies generally make use of the sphere geometric shape to produce chocolates and other edible food items.


12. Soap Bubbles

Soap bubbles are a perfect example of spherical objects present around us. Interestingly, no matter whether a soap bubble is blown out of a square loop, a cubical loop, or any haphazard shaped loop, it tends to maintain its spherical shape. This means that the natural tendency of a soap bubble is to exist in the shape of a sphere.

Soap Bubbles

13. Pendulum Bob

A pendulum bob is yet another example of spherical objects present around us.

Pendulum Bob

14. Eyeball

Our eyeballs are a perfect example of a sphere.


15. Christmas Decoration

A number of Christmas decoration items are spherical in shape.

Christmas Decoration

16. Pom Poms

Pom poms, used by the cheer squad, are a classic example of spherical objects present around us.

Pom Poms

17. Cotton Balls

Cotton balls used in daily life are usually spherical in shape.

Cotton Balls

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