10 Heptagon Examples in Real Life


The name heptagon is derived from the Greek words ‘hepta’ meaning seven and ‘gon’ meaning sides. A heptagon is a two-dimensional geometric plane figure that consists of seven sides, seven corners, and seven angles. It is also known as a septagon, where ‘septa’ is a Latin word for seven.

Types of Heptagon

1. Regular Heptagon

If all the sides and angles of a heptagon are equal to each other, then it is known as a regular heptagon.

Regular Heptagon

2. Irregular Heptagon  

All the sides and angles of an irregular heptagon are not congruent.

Irregular Heptagon

3. Convex Heptagon

The magnitude of the interior angles of a convex heptagon is less than 179°. This means that the diagonals of the convex heptagon cannot lie outside the polygon. A regular heptagon is always a convex heptagon.

Convex Heptagon

4. Concave Heptagon

A concave heptagon is one that has at least one interior angle greater than 180 °. This means that it has at least one diagonal that lies outside the polygon.

Concave Heptagon

Properties of Heptagon

1. The sum of the interior angles of a heptagon is equal to 900 °.

2. The sum of the exterior angles of a heptagon is equal to 360 °.

3. A heptagon geometric shape can be divided into five triangles.

4. Heptagons have 14 diagonals.

Examples of Heptagon

1. Storage Box

Medicine boxes or storage containers typically consist of 7 small plastic cases attached to each other. Hence, such a storage box is a prominent example of the heptagon geometric shape used in real life.

Storage Box

2. Coin

Some of the coins that we use in our daily life are shaped like a heptagon. This is because the heptagonal structure of coins help the person to easily differentiate them amongst the others.


3. Vase


Some of the fancy vases are formed in the shape of a three-dimensional heptagon. The seven sides of the vase forming a regular heptagon can be observed easily while looking at it from the top side.


4. Cactus

A cactus is one of the perfect examples of the heptagon geometric figure existing in nature. One can easily visualise the stem of the cactus forming the seven sides of the heptagon while looking at it from the top.


5. Paper Boat

If you trace the outer boundary of a paper boat, you can easily locate its seven sides, seven edges, and seven angles. The length of the sides and the magnitude of the angles is different from each other. Hence, a paper boat is a classic example of an irregular heptagon.

Paper Boat

6. Arrowhead

An arrowhead drawn on a piece of the paper consists of seven unequal sides and seven unequal angles. This is the reason why an arrowhead is yet another example of an irregular heptagon. Hence, one can easily visualise the heptagon geometric shape by looking at the road signs that consist of arrowheads.


7. Pants

While tracing the outline of a pair of pants, one can easily visualize the heptagon geometric figure because it consists of seven sides that are unequal in length and seven angles that are unequal in magnitude. Hence, it is a perfect example of an irregular heptagon.


8. Candle Holder

Some of the candle holders are also manufactured in the shape of a heptagon.

Candle Holder

9. Green House

The three-dimensional small and compact greenhouses installed in the backyards are usually heptagonal in shape.

Green House

10. Heptagon Star

Heptagon stars are mostly used for the purpose of decoration. They are formed by joining the diagonals of a two-dimensional heptagon geometric figure.

Heptagon Star

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