15 Examples of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is referred to as a mode of marketing in which different offline advertising and promotional campaigns are being used to target the relevant audience. It is not only easy to understand but also brands can easily locate their target audience.

Traditional Marketing

Categories of Traditional Marketing

There are mainly five categories of traditional marketing:

1. Marketing through Direct Mail

Direct Mail Marketing

Marketing through direct mailing is a process to create and send the advertising campaigns to stakeholders or audiences using the mail system as a delivery-mode. Businesses are using this traditional marketing strategy for so many years for creating brand awareness and loyal customers for their products and services. The awareness of different products is created using different direct-mail marketing sources like brochures, letters, postcards, catalogs, flyers and other printed material delivered directly to customers through the mail. This type of marketing is also known as a targeted marketing strategy as the information is being pass-on to a specific target audience or market. Besides these, there are few more marketing strategies, i.e., coupons, free of cost newspapers, free CDs for trial, etc. Direct-mail marketing is very useful in generating new leads and boost sales. The process of direct mail marketing includes the following activities:

  • Doing research related to audience
  • Making list
  • Designing graphics as per mail specifications
  • Copywriting
  • Material printing and mailing it further to customers or audience
  • Tracing results

2. Print Media Marketing – Newspapers & Magazines

Press Newspaper GIF

Marketing through print media includes advertising products and services using newspapers, magazines, media publications. On the one hand, it’s considered a mass-marketing strategy; because through printed advertisements, businesses can reach lots of different people irrespective of their interest in the product or service. On the other hand, it is also viewed as a niche-marketing strategy where the specific category of customers can be reached or targeted like magazines related to fashion or women category, magazines about luxury cars, etc., or newspaper advertisement for job requirements in colleges.

3. Broadcast Marketing -Television & Radio Channels

Different broadcast marketing mediums like Radio and Television are still in great demand in traditional marketing. By using such broadcast marketing mediums, businesses can reach a large number of audiences in a short span of time, and it also enhances brand awareness. Through television, different marketers or advertisers can make much better and impactful commercials as televisions facilitate the visual showcase of products and demonstrations on the functioning of products. Thus, television is the right tool for the authenticity of a product as the audience can see the actual features of products. Similarly, radio marketing is related to advertising products or services through different radio channels.

4. OOH Marketing – Public Transits like Buses and Trains, Billboards, Street Furniture, and Cabs

OOH Marketing

OOH marketing or out-of-home marketing also refers to outdoor media; is a marketing and advertising tool to reach customers or audience outside their houses. This is in the form of visual advertising media and can be seen outside our home. OOH traditional marketing approach focuses more on visual impacts, i.e., images than words as a method to convey the message to the audience. This marketing strategy includes different mediums, like billboards, signs, street furniture, i.e., benches or bus shelters, transit places like bus, train, airport, places like stadiums or shopping complex, or cinema, etc. Few of these are listed below:

Bus Shelters

OOH marketing by using bus shelters targets a large pool of audience by providing high visibility to different places. It creates impact due to size, the brightness level, and eye-catching position and tries to have a long-lasting impact on people who walk past these places.


Billboards are another way of OOH marketing and advertising that ensures the maximum impact on the audience of advertisement campaigns. These are considered a great method to reach a pool of people on a daily basis especially for people who stuck in traffic on heavy rushed roads.

Shopping Complex & Supermarkets

Serious Jim Carrey GIF by Morphin

Different shopping complex and supermarket are also useful for OOH marketing campaigns when the target audience consists of shoppers, customers seeking for bulk shopping, etc.

Transits – Buses, Trains, and Airplanes

Transit Marketing

Different transit mediums like buses, trains, airplanes, etc., also play an important role in OOH marketing; as companies can reach a large audience, like tourists, working professionals, business people, students, children, families, etc., use these modes for commuting from one place to another.

5. Marketing through sales staff through face to face meetings, phone calls, events, direct selling

Direct Selling Marketing

Another traditional marketing example is through sales staff in which salespeople use different ways for marketing like cold calling, one to one meetings, telemarketing, networking or referrals, event marketing, etc. This marketing is based on human interaction and the human factor is useful in building trust factors. Few of these are listed below:

Event Marketing

Event Marketing

Event marketing is considered as a promotional tool that requires face-to-face interaction between the company’s representatives and customers at specific events, i.e., fairs, exhibitions, concerts, roadshows, sporting events, etc. Event marketing has a huge trend in the market as it is a highly effective traditional marketing strategy. Effective event marketing by sales or marketing personnel can create an impact on the audience and is able to build brand awareness among people. This is considered as a direct method of making new connections and providing memorable experiences for prospective customers and current customers. Brands use event marketing campaigns and tactics like contests, shows, celebrations, etc., to reach potential customers using interactive displays.


Telemarketing GIF by Porta Dos Fundos

Different companies or businesses appoint sales staff for calling purposes for promotional or marketing activities over phone calls, which is referred to as telemarketing. This strategy is mainly of two types, i.e., inbound calling and outbound calling. Also, refers to the cold calling, which includes contacting, informing, and convincing customers over the phone. It is a multipurpose approach; as businesses can use it for promoting their products and services, collecting information, lead generation or carrying different surveys, etc.

Referral or Network Marketing

Referral or network marketing or multi-level marketing refers to “word-of-mouth” marketing that works on spreading information of products and services to customers through others.

Examples of Traditional Marketing

Let’s have some real-life examples of traditional marketing from different categories mentioned above:

1. Burger King

Burger King Direct Mail

This is an example of marketing through direct mail. The fast-food chain Burger King sends discount coupons and other related material by mail to nearby places or addresses by assuming that people often use their products. Customers fill out surveys or prize ballots and are opted in the mailing list. Accordingly, different coupons are mailed to attract them.

2. Google

Google Direct Mail

Technology-driven brand Google also uses direct mail as its marketing strategy tool regularly for the purpose of promoting different new offers or services, widely for business houses. Direct mailing mostly includes Google Adwords coupons or useful information regarding the use of Google in advertising businesses. Moreover, Google is well-known for direct mail campaigns for targeting its existing customers or clients. By doing so, the brand is able to enhance the lead conversation ratio and customer satisfaction by offering appropriate products and services. For tracking these campaigns, Google incorporates a unique ID coding system on each advertisement to understand the success ratio and keep an eye on the activity of the user.

3. Magazines for Women


Some of the popular magazines in India like Femina and Women’s Era are specially designed to target the women audiences or customers by using print media for marketing and targeting their niche audience. For example, Femina magazine uses print media for attracting the segment of top females in the pyramid. While Women’s Era covers niche market strategy for upper-middle-class females.

4. Business Magazines

Different business-related magazines in India like the Business World, Business Today are also a very effective tool of print media marketing. These magazines offer a unique opportunity to brands for marketing or advertising their products or services through sharing their success stories and unique features of their products. Through these magazines, brands are able to target a massive audience. Different famous brands like Infosys, Accenture, TCS, etc., use these magazines as part of their marketing campaigns.

5. Branded Magazines like “HOG” Magazine of Harley-Davidson

HOG Magazine

Harley-Davidson is a well-known and prestigious name in the bike industry. The brand is using print media marketing in magazine form, i.e., HOG magazine. This magazine is designed for bike enthusiasts and especially for those who have a great passion for Harley-Davidson. It is one of the most popular magazines among bike enthusiasts. It represents biking as art and due to its beautiful designing, inspirational editorials, etc., it has received the best Print magazine in Content Marketing Awards. This magazine includes stories of Harley members, reviews, ideas related to customized bikes, product features, inspiring riding stories, and recommended road trips.

6. ZooZoo by Vodafone

This is an example of broadcast marketing. Vodafone had launched ZooZoos that are white creatures having egg heads and ballooned body shapes. These are designed to promote or market Vodafone’s different value-added services and are very famous as television advertisement or broadcast marketing. These ZooZoos seem to have a brand identity in itself due to Vodafone’s effective marketing. ZooZoos also played an important role in the brand presence of Vodafone.

7. Billboard of Coca-Cola with Straw

A Billboard of Coca-Cola with Straw

This is an example of OOH marketing. Famous beverage and drinks brand Coca-Cola displayed billboard having an image of an empty Coca-Cola bottle along with straw and caption of “refresh on the Coca-Cola side of life”. This was a very innovative and excellent OOH marketing campaign that made this billboard ad quite attractive, which attracted lots of viewers.

8. “Pakka Indian” Marketing Campaign by McDonald’s

This is another example of OOH marketing. McDonald’s was successfully able to increase the visitors in its restaurants in main cities by launching a new campaign to target audiences using the OOH marketing strategy. McDonald’s had launched a new flavor of masala grill burger and captioned it as “Pakka Indian.” To market this new variant to target audience, a holistic OOH marketing campaign was used including different OOH media formats, like billboards, wall wraps, bus shelters, etc. Through this campaign, the brand is able to execute a message of “Masaledar” through different innovations at targeted audience center points.

9. McDonald’s “Big Mac” Billboard

This is another example of OOH marketing. The “big mac” advertisement of McDonald’s was advertised using two billboards. It indicates that the burger is big enough to fit into two billboards. It was an easy visual OOH marketing that naturally clicked the mind of the audience.

10. Tanishq “Swayahm” OOH Marketing Campaign

Tanishq “Swayahm”

The jewelry brand “Tanishq” had executed and launched a marketing campaign for its collection “Swayahm” in different cities in India. For this, the brand used a mixed verity of OOH media, i.e., billboards, mall media, bus shelters, etc., where maximum viewers could see the campaign.

11. Harley Davidson Event Marketing Campaigns

Harley Davidson Event Marketing Campaigns

Harley-Davidson, a prestigious and well-known bike brand, organizes different events for its Harley riders who are members of its HOG (Harley Owners Group) to boost their spirit for the brand. Apart from this, they also organize different feature events every month for their local customers and bike riders in their community. Harley organizes an event, i.e., customer appreciation day every month at the dealership in which customers are invited for free food and live music shows as part of the event marketing campaign.

12. Telemarketing by Politicians

Telemarketing by Politicians

Telemarketing strategy is being used by different political parties or politicians during election campaigns to figure out the voting preferences of people.

13. Telemarketing by Call Centers and BPOs

Customer Service Japan GIF

There are different BPOs, both national and international, that offer telemarketing services to their clients, and these services include interacting with prospective customers to develop an interest in different products or services, to do promotional activities.

14. Telemarketing by Financial Institutions

Telemarketing by Financial Institutions

Different banks in India like HDFC, ICICI, Axis, etc., and insurance or finance companies like Bajaj Finserve, India Bulls, Birla Sunlife Insurance, ICICI Prudential, etc., use telemarketing to promote their products and services to reach potential customers by informing them about new offers, new products, etc.

15. Referral or Network Marketing by MNCs

Referral or Network Marketing by MNCs

Multi-level companies like Amway, Avon, Forever, Modicare, Vestige, etc. have been enhancing their business through network marketing and promote their different products of beauty care, healthcare, home appliances, etc.


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