Visual Merchandiser – Roles & Responsibilities

A visual merchandiser is a person who helps in promoting the image, product, or services of an organisation by utilising his/her designing skills and creativity. A visual merchandiser has to put eye-grabbing products on the display section, which attract the customers to at least have a look at the rest of the products of the company and ultimately end up buying the products. Therefore, it becomes very important to select the right product for the display section.

Visual Merchandiser

In small businesses, a helper may do the task of displaying the products, but in bigger companies and organisations, visual merchandising is a separate department that looks after the work of displaying the products. A visual merchandiser is also considered a silent seller, as he has to sell the products without communicating with the customer.


Prerequisites to Become a Visual Merchandiser

A person having a graduate degree is eligible for this job profile. A candidate with a diploma in visual merchandising or job experience in the same profile always has an upper hand over the person having any other degree. Apart from this, there are some other personality traits that a candidate must possess to work as a visual merchandiser, which includes:

Qualities of a Visual Merchandiser

Qualities of a Visual Merchandiser

Process of Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising Process

Visual Merchandising Process

Roles & Responsibilities of a Visual Merchandiser

There are many responsibilities and roles of a visual merchandiser in an organisation or a company. Some of these are:

  • Finding and implementing the best product design ideas and displaying them in the best possible way.
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  • Making the designs of the display area manually or digitally on a computer.
  • Selecting the right product for the display, which instantly grabs the eyes of the customer.
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  • Picking the perfect area for displaying products, which is generally near the entrance area of the organisation.
  • Making the best use of the display area and lightings available in the display area.
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  • Doing proper market research to find out what is trending in the market.
  • Updating the display area’s products as per the market trends.
  • Replacing old products with new ones in the display area as per the requirements.
  • Keeping the sales department updated with new display products, so they can provide accurate details of products to the customers.

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