SEO Executive- Roles & Responsibilities

Search Engine Optimisation executive is a person who is responsible for improving the ranking of the websites and increasing the number of visitors on a particular website with the use of the latest SEO techniques.


The work of an SEO executive starts right from the day of picking a domain name to ranking it up at the top of the search engine results. An SEO executive must have zeal to work and a positive approach towards work.

Roles & Responsibilities of SEO Executive

Daily responsibilities of an SEO executive

Daily responsibilities of an SEO executive

With the increased competition in the digital marketing world, the role of SEO executives has become quite vital. An SEO executive has many roles and responsibilities in an organization including:

On-Site and Off-Site Analysis

The major role of an SEO executive is to carry on various on-site and off-site analysis of a website. The onsite analysis involves optimizing the title, pages, content, tags, and media files as per the target keywords for which proper keyword research is conducted by an SEO executive. In off-site analysis, an SEO executive works on getting high-quality links from the external websites to his own website to increase the credibility of the website he is working on.

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Conducting Performance Reports

After working on onsite and offsite SEO, the next step is to prepare a performance report. An SEO executive must be handy on Google Analytics to create performance reports regularly. With the help of these performance reports, an SEO executive can check out how much progress his website has made after using various SEO techniques.

A snippit of Google Analytics

A snippit of Google Analytics

Coordinating with the Content Team

Content is the king for any website and without a good content, a website cannot rank better. So, it is the responsibility of an SEO executive to coordinate with the content writers and briefing them the requirements and publishing high-quality and unique content on the website.

Efficiently Using the SEO Tools and Strategies

An efficient SEO executive must be well aware of the latest SEO tools and techniques. It is important for an SEO executive to effectively use the SEO tools to make the website rank better. Some of such SEO tools are Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Analytics and many more.

SEO Tools

SEO Tools

Updating the Clients

An SEO Executive must keep updating the clients about the latest progress in ranking the website, answering their queries, and making the changes as per the clients’ needs.

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