7 Unbalanced Force Examples in Daily Life

Unbalanced Force

Unbalanced force is said to be present if the forces acting on a particular object are unequal. When all the forces acting on the particular object have different magnitudes, the net force or the resultant force is not equal to zero. Unbalanced force is accountable to put the objects into motion, where the direction of motion depends on the force possessing greater magnitude. Unbalanced forces are responsible to cause motion in a stationary object, stop a moving object, change the speed of a moving object, change the shape of an object, etc.


1. See-Saw

While playing on a see-saw if a heavy person is seated on one side and a comparatively lighter person on the other side, the forces applied on both sides of a see-saw are unequal in magnitude. Hence, the unbalanced force is said to be existing.

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2. Tug-of-war

The unbalanced force has a great application in winning a tug-of-war sport. Force is applied by both teams in order to pull the rope towards their side. The team that applies a greater magnitude of force is able to pull the opponent team towards the center line and wins the competition. In absence of unbalanced force, neither of the teams would be able to win the game.

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3. Pushing a Heavy Box

An object kept on the ground is acted upon by the gravitational force and the normal force. Both the forces are equal and opposite in nature; therefore, the state of the rest is maintained. While pushing this object in a particular direction, a force that resists motion, called frictional force, comes into action. If the applied force surpasses the frictional force, the unbalanced force is said to be present.

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4. Kicking a Football

When a football player kicks a stationary ball with force, it starts moving. The magnitude of the force applied to the ball is greater than the frictional force. Therefore, the net force is not equal to zero. Hence, the ball tends to move in the direction of the force applied by the player. Unbalanced force is responsible for this motion of the ball.

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5. Skateboarding

During skating, the player is required to apply an adequate amount of force that is sufficient enough to overcome the force of friction. Force of friction resists motion and helps in maintaining the state of rest. If the force of friction is equal to the applied force, the skateboard does not move and maintains the stationary position. If the applied force is greater than the force of friction, the unbalanced force comes into play and causes the skateboard to move.

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6. Moving Car

The force exerted by the engine of the car is significantly high that causes it to accelerate. The unbalanced force is present in all moving bodies. Therefore, the unbalanced force causes a car to move, turn, or rotate.

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7. Weighing Scale

If a heavy matter is placed on one side of the weighing scale, its equilibrium state gets disrupted, causing an imbalance. The forces acting on the weighing scale are no longer equal, which is why the net force is not equal to zero. Hence, a weighing scale is perfect equipment that demonstrates the presence of unbalanced force in nature.

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