7 Balanced Force Examples in Daily Life

Balanced Force

Balanced force is said to be existing when the forces acting on a particular object are equal and opposite in nature. When the forces of the same magnitude are applied on a body from opposite directions to each other, the net force or the resultant force is equal to zero. Therefore, the object maintains its state of rest. A balanced force is responsible to sustain equilibrium. Both the forces are equal, which means that one force is not stronger than the other. Hence, no motion is observed.


1. Objects Hanging on the wall

A hanging object on a wall experiences a number of forces acting on it. For example, the force of gravitation, the force of friction, the force of reaction, and the force due to push. These forces are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to each other. Therefore, one force cancels the effect of the other force. Hence, in this case, the balanced force comes into play.

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2. Objects Floating in Water

Any object floating in water experiences a downward force called the force of gravitation and an upward force called the upthrust. Both the forces are naturally present, equal in magnitude, and opposite in nature. Hence, the net force comes out to be zero, thereby allowing the object to float.

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3. Tug of War

In a tug of war competition, if both the teams pull the rope towards their side with the same intensity of force, neither of them would be able to win the competition. This is because the same forces acting in opposite directions cancel each other. Therefore, equilibrium is maintained due to the presence of the balanced force.

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4. Objects Placed on a Table

While placing an object on a table or any rigid surface, the force of gravitation comes into play. This gravitational force is accountable to pull any object towards the earth’s center. An exactly similar force is applied to the object in the opposite direction, called normal force or the force of reaction. Both the forces being equal and opposite in nature cancel each other. Hence, a balanced force is said to be existing.

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5. Standing Still

While standing still, our body experiences a significant amount of gravitational pull from the earth’s surface. A force of reaction or the normal force with the same magnitude as that of gravity acts on our body in the opposite direction. Therefore, the net force is zero. The balanced force allows us to maintain a similar state of rest while sitting still.

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6. Pushing the Wall

A wall does not move when a push force is applied to it by a person. This is because balanced force allows all the forces acting on the wall to get canceled by each other. In the presence of balanced force, motion is resisted by the body, and the state of rest is sustained.

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7. Headstand 

The balanced force makes it possible to practice a stable headstand or a handstand. The gravitational force acting in the downward direction has a magnitude equal to the normal force acting in the upward direction. Therefore, the net force is equal to the difference between the two existing forces, which comes out to be zero. Thereby, creating a state of equilibrium.

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