Marketing Mix: Definition, 7Ps (Extended Mix)

Marketing Mix

In the business world, there are numerous devices that are used to fulfill particular assignments, and this holds true in the matter of marketing a product or service. A standout amongst the most well known of these promoting tools is the marketing mix. The marketing mix is a blend of seven components, or sorts of decisions, that an organization manages, keeping in mind the end goal to appropriately and proficiently market their products and services. What started as four Ps has developed into seven.

How the marketing mix developed:

Since the first four-pronged methodology to marketing just indulged simply the promoting of an item, a need was developed for the marketing mix to incorporate how a service would be advertised. Thus the three new Ps are people, physical evidence, and process, thereby completing the augmented marketing mix.

The 7 Ps of the Marketing Mix:

Marketing Mix 7Ps

  1. Product: The first P manages the genuine product being sold to the customer, whether it is a physical item, or an intangible service. Additionally included in this P are such critical ideas as the product’s look, name, packing, etc.
  2. Price: The second P covers any issues related to pricing that is identified with the item. Above all else, overall revenue, and in addition the estimating of the opposition, manages what the cost of the product will be.
  3. Promotion: Here, the expense can soar in correlation to the genuine generation costs, so extraordinary consideration must be taken when choosing how to convey, communicate and offer the products to consumers.
  4. Place: The last P of the unique marketing mix, place, manages inquiries of distribution channel, and getting the product to the purchaser. Value-based, practical, and logistical issues are investigated here, and choices made right now incorporate what stores to discover the item in, and whether a sales force is required, in addition to everything else.
  5. People: The first P of the expanded marketing mix is concerned with the individuals that are working for the organization. It is imperative to enroll and train the right individuals, on the grounds that this is who the customers will be dealing with.
  6. Physical Evidence/Layout: How an item is introduced to the client, including its surroundings is vital. Particularly vital to block and mortar stores that offer an item, they must be inviting, simple to explore, and if the item being sold is on the pricy side, fancier than different spots.
  7. Process: The last P methodology manages customer service, and an organization’s capacity to offer service, handle protests, and anticipate any issues before they really happen.


The seven Ps of the broadened marketing mix manage about any issue that could pop up when offering a product or service to buyers. Next time you go to any shop to purchase an item then stop to ponder constantly of the time, exertion, and money that went into each of those products, from innovation to sitting on the rack with a cost tag.