8 Daily Life Examples Of Axioms

Everything in the world of science needs proves. Without proves, the world seems very senseless. Remember, solving equations in mathematics, where we prove that the Left-hand side is equal to the right-hand side. Every result known descends from something else; it is proven to be true from other facts. The one exception is axioms: these things we choose to accept without verifying them.


A mathematical statement which we assume to be true without proof is called an axiom. These are universally accepted and general truth. 

Let’s check some everyday life examples of axioms.

1. 0 is a Natural Number

Image result for 0 gif

0 is a natural number, which is accepted by all the people on earth. We dont need to prove this statement by any scientific experiment or calculation.

2. Sun Rises In The East

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It is the phrase which we are listening and studying since our childhood. It is a fact which does not require any proof.

3. God is one

god is one-axioms

“God is one” is the most acceptable truth of the universe. The majority believes in God.

4. Two Parallel Lines Never Intersect Each Other

Parallel lines -axioms

It is a fact that two parallel lines never intersect each other. They always move parallel to each other, no matter how far they go.

5. India is a Part of Asia

India is a part of Asia- Axioms

It is a universally accepted truth that India is a part of Asia, and we do not need to prove it mathematically or scientifically.

6. Probability lies between 0 to 1

probaility line

Probability can never be less than 0 or more than 1. Hence, it is an Axiom because it does not need to be proved.

7. The Earth turns 360 Degrees Everyday

Image result for earth rotating gif

It is true that earth rotates 360 degrees every day and this is acceptable everywhere, do not need to prove.

8. All planets Revolve around the Sun

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This a general universal acceptable truth that earth and all the other planets revolve around the sun and same goes with their respected moons; those revolve around their planets.

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