12 Examples of Automation in Real Life


Automation is a technique used to build a system that is able to work independently with little or no human assistance. The main objective of automation is to reduce human efforts. When you enter a dark room, the first thing you do is to turn on the lights. Now, imagine, when you enter the same room, the lights get turned on automatically. Most of you will find the second scenario to be more convenient and helpful because it because it saves both your efforts and time. Minimizing physical work is the ultimate motive behind developing automatic gadgets. The discovery of fire, the invention of wheels, etc. are some of the examples which justify that bringing comfort to routine life has always been our prime concern. Automatically working appliances minimize manual efforts, reduce the possibility of human errors, and are energy efficient.

Examples of Automation 

We use a lot of automatic appliances in our daily life. However, we often turn a blind eye to them and do not realize the presence of such amazing technology. Following are some of the most common examples of automation in real life:

1. Automobile 

The automobile industry is extremely vast and progressive. The operation techniques being used in automobiles are improving and getting automized day by day. For example, during the earlier days, vehicles were dependent on manual transmission systems but in the present world, the manual system of transmission has been replaced by an automatic transmission system. AMT makes use of a planetary gear set in place of the traditional gear pair. The automatic transmission uses a torque converter, whereas the manual system uses a clutch pack. AMT has a lot of merits over the manual system of energy transmission. Some of them include improved performance, enhanced strength, better reliability, etc.

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2. Kitchen Tools

Before modernization, cooking used to be a very hectic job because everything was required to be done manually. Chopping, peeling, blending, mixing, etc. everything was done by hands, but in the present world, it has become very easy to cook and serve. The reason is that most of the appliances that we use in modern kitchens are automatic. For example, blenders, choppers, mixer-grinder, etc. Kitchens have become exceptionally convenient with the availability of such automatically operating gadgets.

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3. Consumer Electronics

We depend on a lot of electronic devices for our routine life chores. From heating the food in the microwave to washing clothes in the washing machine, automation technology has become the most supportive partner ever. You must have observed that when the water is perfectly boiled, the electric kettle cuts off the supply automatically. Similarly, the washing machine stops its operation after dedicated time without manually pressing the switch. This is because these consumer electronic devices are furnished with microcontrollers that are pre-programmed as per consumer requirements. Thereby, allowing the user to relax while the smart machines do all the work.

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4. FASTags

Before the introduction of FASTags and other related technologies, toll plazas were quite time-consuming. A tedious process was required to be followed. The process included waiting in long queues to hand over the cash to the person-in-charge, then picking up the receipt, followed by waiting for the operator to remove the barricade, and finally, being able to continue the journey. FASTags reduce this inconvenience by automatically connecting the taxpayer and the receiver. This eliminates the need for a manual operator and also clips the long queues. Thereby, making our journey smooth and unobstructed by barricades.

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5. Power Backup Devices

Power backup devices are the best examples of automation. When the regular power supply goes off, devices like UPS, inverters, etc. directly connect us to the stored backup power. These devices are helpful as they allow the user to avoid an abrupt power cut off, which is quite inconvenient. The device algorithm and setup allows it to sense the need to turn the operation on and off accordingly. This is why the device enters the charging mode automatically when the power is restored.

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6. Arms and Ammunition

Military and defense applications of automated technology can be easily seen in automatic ammunition. The advantages are uncountable as they provide convenience as well as the quality of operation. There is no need of reloading the gun with bullets again and again. Apart from this, automatic guns recoil-less and provide a smooth operation.

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7. Medical

A person who is subjected to a life support system needs utmost care and observation. Life support systems and ventilators employ automatic devices to perform various special tasks. These devices are equipped with multiple sensors that are designed to monitor and observe the body signals in order to activate the device’s features accordingly. For instance, a ventilator automatically turns on the artificial oxygen supply as soon as it senses a drop in the level of oxygen in a person’s body. These devices serve to be life saviors and therefore, can be considered as one of the greatest inventions of all times.

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8. Entertainment

Photography and videography are the two most popular subcategories of the entertainment industry. To enhance the picture quality and experience, hi-tech cameras are used. These up-to-date cameras are loaded with features like auto-adjust, auto-stabilization, and auto-capture. The notable features and modes are supported by automation technology.

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9. Industrial Machinery

In a small scale industry, all the tasks are performed and managed manually with the help of the workforce; however when it comes to large scale industries, where the production rate of goods is comparatively higher, the scenario is different. With the increase in workload, the need to use automatic robotic arms, conveyor belts, and other related equipment arises. Automatic machines reduce the possibility of human errors and allow the work to be performed at a rapid and uniform pace.

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10. Agriculture

To increase the quality and quantity of crop production, a number of traditional agricultural equipment need to be reformed. For the ease of farmers, a lot of machines have been invented that are capable to do tedious tasks quickly with great precision. Some examples of automatic machinery currently being used in the agriculture industry include harvesters, irrigation systems, plowing machines, self-driving tractors, etc. A prominent advantage of using these machines is that they sense the need for an operation automatically and do the task as commanded by the controller.

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11. Sports

Sportsmen need regular practice sessions irrespective of the factors like the availability of training partners, favorable weather, etc. Most players make use of automatic ball throwing devices. These devices are designed to throw the balls at the person randomly and automatically. This prepares the player to be spontaneous and get ready for every possible shot. A person can practice alone with the help of a ball thrower as it completely eliminates the need for a controller to be present nearby and operate the machine.

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12. Escalators

Our lifestyle has changed a lot in the past few decades. Most of us do not use the stairs anymore. Instead, we make use of escalators that are pre-equipped with proximity sensors. These sensors recognize the presence of the person and tend to move only when required. Once the sensors pick up the information, the escalator becomes operable and takes us to the destination.

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