Vision Statement Examples for Students

Vision Statement Examples for Students

A vision statement refers to a short and aspirational statement that describes the future goals of the person or the organization. A vision statement is often confused with a mission statement, but these two statements have different meanings. A mission statement describes the tasks that the person or the organization intend to do in the current or near duration, while a vision statement describes what the person or the organization wants to achieve in the long run. Usually, vision statements are used in businesses to set a clear vision regarding the future goals of the company, but a vision statement can also be used by the students to stay focused and work towards their future goals and make a successful career. Vision statements can do wonder in the student’s life as it guides them to choose the right actions that are aligned with their goals. In this article, we’ll discuss the various examples of the personal vision statements for students and how to write an effective vision statement and different ways of using it.

Personal Vision Statement Examples for Students

A personal vision statement is very beneficial for the students. It helps the student to analyse accurate steps and focus on the main goal that he/she wants to achieve in the coming years. Let us check out the various examples of vision statements that can help you to formulate your vision statement.

1. Vision Statements based on the Five Years Time Frame

Thinking about where you want to see yourself five years later, is one of the best methods of creating a vision statement. For example, if you are a student, which college do you want to join after your school. If you are in college, which company do you want to join and what career do you want to pursue after your studies. Following are some examples of vision statements based on the five years time frame.

  • In five years, I will be studying at Stanford University and majoring in Biology.
  • I will be working as an accountant at the XYZ organization in five years.
  • I will be working as a Special Educator after my graduation and help the millions of disabled children.
  • In five years, I will be working as a professor at Harvard University.
  • Five years from now, I’ll be working as the CEO of the XYZ company.
  • In five years, I’ll be living in my own house in Los Angeles.
  • Five years from now, I’ll be earning X times more than my current earnings.

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2. Vision Statements based on the Personal Interests

The vision statements should be based on the areas wherein the person holds any expertise or/loves doing a particular task. One should ask several questions to himself/herself before finalising the vision statement, for example, what are the areas where you perform good, things you love doing, and what are the things you value the most in your life. Your vision statement should be based upon the answers to these questions. Following are the vision statements based on the values and the talent of the person.
  • I will become an efficient engineer because I have strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • I love learning about space and the universe. I’ll pursue my graduation in astronomy and become an astronaut.
  • I’m driven toward artificial intelligence. I aim to pursue my graduation in Computer and Artificial intelligence.
  • I have a keen interest in environmental protection. I’ll study environmental engineering and helps scientists in developing strategies to tackle climatic change.
  • I love helping poor and old people. I will start an NGO that provides necessities to the poor and the old people.
  • I love reading novels and writing fictional stories. I will become a writer in the future.
  • I have a keen interest in exploring old monuments and artefacts. I will be majoring in archaeology at my graduation.

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3. Vision Statements Based on Your Goal

  • What is your ultimate goal? What do you think the success is for you? Your vision statement should be based upon your definition of being successful and your ultimate goal. Following are examples of the vision statement based upon the ultimate goal of the people.
  • My carrear goal is to be an astronaut at NASA. I like exploring space and the Universe.
  • I will become a popular actor/actress. I like to perform various acts.
  • I am passionate about designing different styles of building. I will major in Architecture and become a professional Architecture.
  • I am passionate about psychology and helping people suffering from psychological disorders. I will pursue my graduation in clinical psychology and open a psychology clinic to help people facing various psychological disorders.
  • I will become a successful entrepreneur. I will open a business, which involves selling the local goods to the international markets.
  • My goal is to become a school principal. I believe that educators have the potential to change the world and schools should provide an optimum environment for the students that foster their growth.

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4. Visions Statement based on the Particular Skill

When you perform a particular task over the years, you become skilled in that task. Instead of focusing on the new vision or learning a new skill, you may create your vision that utilizes the skill you already have acquired through the years of direct or indirect training. Hence, one should always look at his/her skillset before creating the vision statement. One can consider the following examples.

  • I have great communication skills and the ability to persuade others. I will become a journalist as it utilizes my skills and because I want to raise the voice of minorities.
  • I have a piece of great knowledge of finance management. I will open a consultancy business that will help small businesses efficiently utilize the available resources and become successful.
  • I will use my agricultural knowledge and family farm work experience in helping the local farmers to know about the different methods of crop production that will provide them with the maximum profit.
  • I plan to use my creative thinking and software development skills to develop an application that will benefit people in managing their day to day tasks.
  • I have great cooking skills. I will become a chef.

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Ways to Use Personal Vision Statement for Students

Once you finished making your vision statement, you should utilize it effectively to get the maximum benefits. Following are some of how you can use your vision statements to easily achieve the set vision.

  • One should keep his/her vision statement in a place where he/she can see it regularly. One can place it on the side of the mirror, or write it on paper and carry it in the wallet or purse, or one can stick it on the wall of his/her workstation. When you see your vision statement daily, it triggered your brain to easily accomplish the tasks that bring you closer to the accomplishment of your vision statement. Hence, one should read his/her personal vision statement at least once a day.
  • A personal vision statement can help you in making your career decisions. For example, if you are looking for a job change or taking any other decisions related to your career, you can always look at your vision statement. Check whether your particular decisions are aligned with your vision statement or not. If that decision is helping you to reach closer to your visions then go ahead with that decision, if not, it is better to avoid that decision.
  • It is also observed that if you tell about your vision statements to your close ones say family or friends, you are more likely to follow your vision statement.
  • Visions statement can guide you that what is the skill your need to learn and what you should avoid. By looking at the vision statement one can choose the skill to learn that aligns with the vision statement. This can save a huge amount of your time that you may have wasted on learning a skill that does not fit with your vision statement.
  • One can also mention his/her vision statement in the resume or the cover letter as it helps the employer to get the idea about your motivation and future goals, which can help him to determine whether you fit for that particular job position or not.

Steps to Consider for an Effective Vision Statment

  • Try to visualise your expected life from five to ten years from now. Think of things that excite you and the things if accomplished can make a huge impact on your personal and professional life. Think of the location where you want to settle or work in the coming years and the type of environment you want to live in.
  • Apart from visualising, also consider the other factors, and changes that can impact your personal life; for example changes in the environment, technology, and national policies can have a direct impact on your vision. Nobody can predict life 100 per cent as it is dynamic, one should always have a backup plan that they may utilize in case of emergencies. Hence, vision statements should be formulated after considering all the factors.
  • Initially, don’t just focus on writing a single vision statement, instead, try to write all your visions on paper. Now, analyse what is the most important vision out of all the written statements and make it a priority and add it to your main vision statement. Also, consider other vision statements in improvising the main vision statement.
  • Make sure that your vision statement is unique, you may get the ideas of a vision statement through the internet or other sources, but never forget that every individual is unique and have his/her visions or dreams to accomplish. Your vision statement should be motivating and future-oriented.
  • You may imagine a lot of things to accomplish, but try to keep your vision statement short, hence refining your vision statement is an important step. Try to limit it to fifty or lesser words. This makes it easy for you to read it daily. Also, make a vision statement that is aligned with your beliefs or values. If the vision statement opposes or is against the things you believe in, it may become difficult for you to achieve the set vision.
  • One should always consider his/her strengths and weaknesses before creating the vision statement. List all your strengths and weaknesses on a paper and then cross-check them with your career goals. Prioritize the goals that involve your strengths in the vision statement. For example, if you have good accounting skills you can consider being an accountant, on the other hand, if you think you want to be a pilot but you have acrophobia, then this may create problems in achieving your goal of being a pilot. Make sure that you have a specific career goal and try to make your vision statement focusing on that specific goal. It is easy to achieve the vision when your vision statement focuses on a single goal.

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