Difference Between Analogous and Homologous Organs

Organs of different organisms are divided into two categories based on their functions, structures and origin, that is Analogous organs and Homologous organs. The points of differences between the two are listed in the table below.

Difference between Analogous and Homologous Organs

Analogous OrgansHomologous Organs
Organs having different internal structuresOrgans having similar internal structures
Functions of these organs are similarFunctions of these organs are different
Different originsCommon origin
They display Convergent EvolutionThey display Divergent Evolution
Adaptive Radiation is AbsentAdaptive Radiation can be seen in some cases
They have dissimilar developmental patternThey've similar developmental pattern
Similar niche/habitat can lead to formation of Analogous Organs.Speciation can lead to formation of Homologous Organs
These organs show no relation with ancestors These organs are proof of common ancestors of different species.
Example Include; Wings of bat and insects, Leaf tendril and stem tendril etcExamples include; Forelimbs of vertebrates, stem and root modifications in plants, Darwin Finches etc


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