Steps in Report Preparation

A business report is considered as a crucial element of transferring the factual information throughout the organization and to the outside concerned parties. steps in business report preparation

A report writer usually follows below steps while preparing a good business report:

Step 1) Appointing a reporter: The first initial step in the report formation is the method of appointing a suitable reporter. The reporter has a complete idea of the topics on which the investigation is required and information on the timeliness of its submission. A complete series of orders are followed, including, the topic on which investigation is required, the aim and area of investigation, list of people to be inquired, timelines for report submission, etc. The reporter then investigates the things as per the order and present the report according to the given instructions.

Step 2) Defining the report’s scope: To have clear information, the scope of a business report is very essential to be defined in a good manner. This helps in collecting correct and relevant information. Also, unnecessary or irrelevant information can be avoided in the report so that the reporter can complete the report without any complications.

Step 3) Information source: The information source is required to be finalized at the starting of the report formation. Different sources of information in an organization are available including company files, personal interviews, observations, questionnaires, etc. The different files of an organization are used to determine different issues like the causes of sales decline or production cost increase.

Similarly, with the help of personal observation, the information can be collected in case an accident happens. On the spot, an investigation is required to find out the actual reasons for such accidents.

The personal interviews are conducted with customers for taking their feedback regarding the various products purchased and services used by them.

If information is to be collected from a large number of people then the questionnaire method can be used. This can be utilized to know the product’s popularity or to launch a new product in the market. This questionnaire is generally in the form of alternative answers in which the audience is supposed to tick the right answers.

Step 4) Report’s reader or audience: The audience or readers of the report can vary as per the report’s type or nature or its content. So, the writer or reporter of the business report needs to consider many factors like the educational level of the audience, level in the organization, age factor, experience level, prior knowledge on report’s topic, department, preferences, etc.

Step 5) Preparing notes: A reporter or writer also maintains a diary to take notes of reliable information. When a reporter doesn’t get time for collecting information then by making notes all the relevant information can be included in the business report.

Step 6) Analyzing collected information: The reporter analyzes the collected data and information to filter unwanted or unnecessary data or information. The collected information is systematically arranged for the presentation. So, it is considered an important aspect or step in report writing.

Step 7) Outline of the report: The reporter also prepares a report’s outline before writing. This outline includes the objective of the report, information gathered, analysis of information, suggestions, findings, etc. This information helps in the systematic writing of a business report.

Step 8) Report writing: Before writing a final report, a rough draft is made so that the report’s quality can be maintained or improved. Based on other people’s comments, the rough draft is revised by including the related information and excluding any irrelevant data or information. Also, any grammatical or spelling mistakes can be identified in this so that the report can be corrected. In the final stage, the report is presented by the reporter in easy and simple language which is shaped in the form of the presentation.

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