10 Rotary Motion Examples in Real Life

Rotary Motion

When an object rotates or spins about its axis, it is said to be exhibiting rotatory motion. Some examples of rotary or rotatory motion include the motion of a spinning top, rotation of the earth and other planets, movement of hands of a clock, etc.

Examples of Rotary Motion

1. Rotation of Earth

As the name itself suggests, the motion of the earth and other planets about their respective axis is an example of rotatory motion. This spinning of the celestial bodies about their central position is a result of inertia.

Rotation of Earth

2. Wheels of a Moving Vehicle

The wheels of a vehicle rotate with respect to the axle. This rotation of the wheels helps to move the vehicle in the forward or reverse direction. The motion of the wheels demonstrates the rotatory motion, whereas the motion of the car is the result of the conversion of rotational motion into linear motion.

Wheels of a Moving Vehicle

3. Fan Blades

The blades of a fan are attached to a central hub, which is further connected to a motor present inside the internal circuitry of the appliance. When the electric current is supplied to the electrical circuit of the fan, the motor gets activated. The motor then translates electrical energy to mechanical energy, thereby causing the blades of the fan to spin and exhibit rotatory motion.

Fan Blades

4. Helicopter Rotor Blades

The rotary blades present on the top of a helicopter rotate about a central point with the help of a combination of multiple rotary motors. This rotatory motion of the helicopter wings helps in the generation of aerodynamic lift force that is sufficient enough to balance the weight of the helicopter, overcome the aerodynamic drag, and lift it in the air.

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5. Spinning Top

A spinning top is a toy that is externally wrapped with a thread and consists of a pointed tip. The movement of a spinning top is one of the best examples of rotatory motion. When the spinning top is placed on a surface such that only its pointed end is in contact with the ground and the thread is pulled with force, the top spins about its own axis till the energy possessed by the top gets consumed thoroughly.

Spinning Top

6. Ferris Wheel

A Ferris Wheel is a major attraction of any funfair or carnival. It is an amusement ride that consists of a huge metallic wheel. The rim of the Ferris Wheel consists of a number of cabins to carry the people in it. When the motor connected to the ride is supplied with power, the wheel rotates about its central point. Hence, the movement of a Ferris Wheel clearly demonstrates rotatory motion in real life.

Ferris Wheel

7. Gears

A gear is a mechanical part that consists of cut teeth on its outer surface. The application of gears can be seen in a number of mechanical and automobile machines such as bicycles, cars, watches, etc. The main task of gear is to rotate and translate one form of motion into the other. Hence, a gear is said to be exhibiting rotatory motion.


8. Clock Ticking

The minute, hour, and second hand of a clock rotate in a circular direction, keeping the pinpoint as the centre or the axis of rotation. Hence, the hands of a clock are said to be exhibiting rotatory motion.

Clock Ticking

9. Blender

A blender is one of the most common examples of rotary motion in real life. When the power switch of a blender is pressed, the motor present inside the internal circuitry of the appliance helps the blades rotate and display rotary motion.


10. Drill Machine

The motion of the drill bit attached to the tip of the drill machine is a prominent example of rotatory motion. The drill bit moves or rotates in a circular direction about its axis and forms a hole in the surface. It is also an example of the conversion of rotatory motion to rectilinear motion because the bit rotating about its own axis eventually tends to move forward in a linear direction.


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