11 Real Life Examples Of Cone


Most of us have spent our childhood making birthday hats using paper. That is the easiest thing most of us could have made on our own. These hats are in a cone shape. We use cone-shaped instruments in homes, roads, and laboratories too. Let’s understand about cones and its examples in real life.

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Cone is a three-dimensional geometrical structure that tapers smoothly from flat base to a point called apex or vertex.


1. Ice-Cream Cones

icecream cones

These are the most familiar cones known by every child in the world. They are made in a cone shape which has a broader face towards the upper side and taper end towards its lower end.

2. Birthday Caps

Birthday caps-examples of cones

Children get most excited about wearing different and colorful birthday caps in birthday parties.

4. Traffic Cones

Traffic cones- examples of cone

The orange and white colored cones that we see in roads and sometimes also in the playing field are in the shape of cones. They are made in cone shape because it makes them very stable to stand due to their broader base and taper top.

5. Funnel

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A funnel is a tube in a conical shape which has a wide mouth at the top and narrow opening in the bottom which are used to guide the liquid and powder into a small opening. Funnels are widely used in chemistry labs.

6. Teepee/Tipi

teepee-examples of cones


Teepee or tipi is the cone-shaped tent which is traditionally made up of animal skin upon wooden poles. Nowadays tipi’s are used by people during hiking but those are now a days made up of leather or other linen material.

7. Castle Turret

castle turret examples of Cone

A turret is a small tower that projects from the main building. They were very popular in Scottish areas. They are mainly built for decorative purposes.

8. Temple Top

Temples-examples of cone

Most of the temples in India and other countries have their tops in a cone shape which distinguish them from other places and can be seen from a distance. Also, it is believed that conical shapes always create a lot of positive energy. Hence, conical shape is a structure for all temple tops.

9. Megaphones

megaphones- examples of cone

Megaphones are conical in shape. First, the cone shape of a megaphone directs your voice toward your target. When you speak, the sound produced from your mouth spreads in all directions at once. Only a part of your sound output goes in the direction of your intended target.

10. Pencil Tip

pencil tips-examples of cone

When we sharpen the pencil using a sharpener, the lead we get comes in the conical shape. It provided the sharp end and pinpointed head from where we write. This helps us to write neatly and clearly.

11. Carrot/Raddish

carrot_raddish examples of cone

Carrot or Raddish we have for salad and Indian curries are also naturally in a cone shape.


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