Hot Sources of Light Examples in Daily Life

Hot Sources of Light

The sources of light that get heated up while emitting light radiations into the environment are known as the hot sources of light. The process of emission of light energy due to the high temperature of the source is called incandescent.

Examples of Hot Sources of Light

Most of the light sources present in the real world are hot sources of light. Some of them are listed below:

1. Sun

The temperature of the sun is approximately equal to 5,778 Kelvin. The sun is capable of producing light energy due to its high temperature, which is why it is a prominent example of a hot source of light.


2. Fire

Fire is yet another example of a hot source of light as it is capable of emitting light energy into the environment due to its high temperature.


3. Light Bulb

Almost all of the electrical light emitting appliances such as a light bulb, tube lights, CFLs, LEDs, etc. get heated up after being operated for a long duration. This implies that the emission of light energy is based on the heating of the element present in the circuitry of the appliance, which is why such devices fall under the category of hot sources of light.

Light Bulb


LASER light is yet another example of the hot source of light as it is produced by the process of spontaneous emission of electrons.


5. Stars

Stars are celestial bodies that are mainly composed of hydrogen and helium, hence are naturally hot. This means that stars can be classified under the category of hot sources of light.


6. Candle Light 

Candles are one of the best examples of hot sources of light.

Candle Light 

7. Lightning

The lightning observed in the sky due to the existence of an electric discharge between the clouds and the surface of the earth is yet another example of hot sources of light present around us.


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