13 Everyday Life Examples of Evaporation

We all have studied the term ‘Evaporation’ in our elementary schools. There are many situations when this process of evaporation occurs in real life. Have you ever noticed them? If not, then here, you will get to know about the different everyday examples of evaporation.

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Evaporation is a process that takes on the surface of liquids where the water molecules change their state from liquid to gases/vapors. 

Let’s read further to know about the everyday life examples of evaporation.

1. Drying Clothes under The Sun

One of the most common real-life examples of evaporation is drying of clothes under the sun. When the wet clothes are put under the sun, they get heated up resulting in the evaporation of water particles present in wet clothes;  making the clothes dry.

2. Ironing of Clothes

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The hot iron evaporates the water vapors present in the fabric of clothes, which help to iron the clothes well.

3. Cooling Down of Hot Tea and Other Hot Liquids

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Isn’t it a magic as to how a hot cup of tea or any hot liquid cools down after some time? It’s all possible because of the evaporation. Heat loss happens as the water evaporates resulting in the cooling down of the tea and other such beverages.

4. Wet Floors

How does the wet floor dries up? Where does the water go away? The simple answer is that the water is evaporated because of the heat and making the floor completely dry.

5. Melting of Ice Cubes

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When the ice cubes are taken out of the refrigerator for having drinks, we all must have noticed that after some time the ice cubes melt and take the form of the liquid. It changes its shape from solid to liquid. It all happens because of the increased temperature outside the refrigerator that evaporates the water, resulting in the change of shape of the ice cubes.

6. Preparation of Common Salt

Preparation of common salt is also a widespread example of the evaporation. The seawater goes under the evaporation, which results in the formation of salt crystals.

7. Evaporation of Nail Paint Remover

The acetone present in the nail paint remover takes the heat of our bodies and evaporates.

8. Drying of Wet Hair

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Going for some urgent work? Need to dry your hair immediately? The only possible immediate solution is drying up of hair with the hairdryer. The water vapor of wet hair evaporates due to the heat of the sun or heat of the hairdryer.

9. Drying up of Different Water Bodies

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The water from different water bodies mostly get dried up during the hot summers and gets refilled only after rain. So, what do you think? What happened here? Well, here also it’s evaporation.

10. Evaporation of Sweat from Body

On a hot summer day, the sweat from the skin evaporates due to the high temperature of the environment, taking a little bit of body heat. Thus, it results in the cooling effect.

11. Distillation Process

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Distillation is a process in which the different components of the liquid are separated by the boiling and the condensation. Thus, in this process too, the evaporation performs the main role.

12. Working of a Pressure Cooker

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During cooking, a lot of heat is produced inside a pressure cooker, and with its whistle, the steam comes out by evaporation; making a perfect dish for us.

13. Brings Rain

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The initial stage under the water cycle process is evaporation. The other process like condensation, sublimation, precipitation, transpiration, runoff, and infiltration comes after the evaporation process. So, if evaporation is not there then this water cycle would remain incomplete.


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