7 Everyday Life Examples Of Cube

We are surrounded by various geometric shapes all around. The mobile phone that we hold, the computer screen that we watch, and the bed on which we sleep, all are geometric in shape. Snakes and ladder which is one of the most-played games of childhood depends on what numeral comes when we role the dice, which, in turn, is a cube.

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Cube is a 3-dimensional structure with six squares/ faces and three of them meet at each vertex, and all the angles at the corner are right-angled.


Let’s see the relevant examples of the cube in everyday life.

1. Ice Cubes

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As soon as summers arrive, we begin to stock our freezers with ice cube trays. It might be a bit hard to survive the scorching heat without dunking a handful of ice cubes to cool our drinks.

2. Dice

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Dice are used all over the world for various games. A rolling dice never fails to render excitement and tension, be it at home with family at the dinner table or at the casino. Playing dice games is fun for all ages. There are dots on every side which range from one in number to six.

3. Sugar Cubes

Sugar cubes

Two cubes of sugar, please! It is what we usually say when we are asked the amount of sugar for our coffee. Sugar in the cube form is just fascinating. Sugar is the most used sweetener in our daily life.

4. Rubik Cube

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The Rubik cube is the best selling and one of the most interesting toys in history. It was discovered to explain the 3-dimensional geometry of a cube. It even won the award of “Toy Of The Year” in 1980-1981.

5. Old Iron Lockers

Cube safe locker

We have seen the stealing scenes in movies and daily soaps; how the thief steals the money and jewellery kept in the cubic locker. Such kinds of antique cubic lockers are mostly found in the homes of rich people which they use to keep their jewellery, money, and other expensive items.

6. Gift Box

Cube gift box

Cube gift box is considered as one of the most formal and interesting gift boxes to be present to others.

7. Cube Building Blocks

Cube blocks

Most of us, in our childhood, have often played a game where we tried to build a tomb or tower using small blocks. These are cubical in shape because their shape gives them structural stability.

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