10 Elastic Force Examples in Everyday Life

Elastic Force

Elasticity is the ability of a material by virtue of which it is able to regain its original shape after being stretched or compressed. The force possessed by an elastic object when it is stretched or compressed is known as elastic force. The elastic force developed in an elastic object is directly proportional to the external force applied to stretch or compress it. An elastic force is maintained in a body till it returns back to its original shape after undergoing deformation. The deformation mainly includes stretching, compressing, twisting, turning, etc.


1. Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is one of the most popular adventure sports. When a bungee jumper reaches the end of the bungee cord, he does not stop immediately. The bungee cord is elastic in nature. The elastic force possessed by the bungee cord helps the jumper to bounce back and to slow down the fall in order to avoid any injury.

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2. Elastic Waistband

A number of outfits make use of elastic waistbands for proper grip and fitting. When these waistbands are stretched, they develop elastic force. However, the band restores its original shape as soon as the external force is removed.

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3. Rubber Bands

When a rubber band is stretched, a force is felt that tends to decline any sort of deformation. The force developed when the deformation of the rubber band takes place is the counterforce acting against the externally applied force called the elastic force. The elastic force developed in the elastic body helps the body to resist any change in shape and gets lost as soon as the external force is removed.

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4. Resistance Band

A resistance band demonstrates the elastic force in the best possible manner. It is most commonly used in gyms to perform muscle stretching and other related exercises. When the band is pulled with force, resistance is felt by the user. This resistance is nothing but the elastic force. On releasing the tension, the band tends to go back to its original shape and lose the developed elastic force.

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5. Spring Toys

Springs are one of the best examples of elastic force because they return back to their original shape after undergoing deformations such as compression and expansion. Springs can be widely used in toys such as spring heads, toy telephones, etc. Hence, the elastic force is widely used in the entertainment sector.

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6. Spring Mattress

A number of modern mattresses being used in the modern world make use of springs or memory foam to increase the comfort level. Spring and memory foam possesses the ability to regain their original shape as soon as the effect of the external force gets nullified. This quality of the elastic materials is effectively used in the household and hospitality domain.

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7. Trampoline

Trampoline is specifically designed to use the elastic force in action for enjoyment purposes. The material used to make a trampoline is highly elastic in nature. When someone jumps on a trampoline, he/she exerts pressure in the downward direction. In response to this externally exerted force, a counterforce called elastic force gets developed in the upward direction. Therefore, this elastic force helps the person to bounce.

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8. Bow

The action of a bow and arrow is incomplete without elastic force. The archer pulls the string attached to the ends of the bow towards his/her side. The string being elastic in nature resists the change in shape and gets back to its original place as soon as it is released by the archer. This helps the arrow to move forward and hit the aim.

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9. Body Organs

Some of our body organs display the elastic force in action. For instance, when we eat food and the digestion process begins, we can easily observe the ability of our stomach to stretch. Elasticity is essential in our body in order to avoid stiffness and enable flexibility. The stretched muscles, however, eventually return to their original shape with time.

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10. Guitar Strings

The guitar strings are stretched to their maximum limits in order to produce sound energy. When the player strikes his/her hand onto the strings present in the rest state, the tension built in the strings gets disrupted. This causes the strings to vibrate and dislocate from their original position. This deformation is noting but the elastic force in action.

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