10 Dynamic Force Examples in Daily Life

Dynamic Force

Dynamic force is a force acting on an object that causes it to vary or change its size, position, or direction. Force and load are two distinct terms however, they are very much related to each other. A force acting on an object becomes the load to that particular object. This is the reason why a dynamic force is also known as a dynamic load. A dynamic force is time-dependent in nature.


1. Earthquake

An earthquake is caused when the tectonic plates of the earth get displaced from their normal positions. This results in the development of seismic waves. The disturbance or displacement of the earth’s tectonic plates leads to a significant amount of variation and change in the position and direction of the objects present on the earth’s surface. This corresponds to the existence of a dynamic force. The dynamic force here is also known as the seismic force.

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2. Moving a Car

The driving force supplied by the engine of the vehicle helps the car to accelerate and move. The movement of the vehicle refers to its change in position with respect to time. A dynamic force, when exerted on an object, helps to change the position from one place to another. Also, the change in location caused due to dynamic force is time-dependent. Hence, the force acting on the vehicle responsible for its motion and acceleration is the dynamic force.

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3. Hitting a Cricket Ball

When a ball thrown in the direction of a cricket player gets hit with force, the direction of motion of the ball gets altered or reversed. The force exerted on the ball with the help of a bat tends to change its position, speed, and direction. Hence, the force exerted by the player on the ball is definitely a dynamic force.

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4. Inflating a Balloon

To inflate a balloon, it is forcefully stuffed with air. The elastic nature of the balloon helps it to modify its shape according to the volume of the air entering its structure. A force is required to extract the air from the outer environment and blow it inside the structure. This leads to a change in the shape and size of the balloon. Hence, a dynamic force is said to be present.

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5. Stretching a Band

When a mechanical force is applied to stretch a rubber band, it develops a certain amount of kinetic energy into it. Due to the kinetic energy possessed by the band, it is able to expand and change the shape. The change, however, is a short time as the elasticity of the rubber brings it back to its original shape. The force responsible to stretch the band and restore its original shape both involve a change in shape. Hence, the existence of a dynamic force is observed.

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6. Throwing an Object

When an object is thrown, it tends to change its speed with respect to time. As per Newton’s first law of motion or the law of inertia, the object is incapable of changing its position without the action of an external force on it. This means that to make an object move and change location with respect to time or to throw an object, a force is required. This force is called dynamic force.

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7. Playing with a Dough 

While playing with a clay dough, a person tends to apply push or pull force as per convenience. This helps the molding dough to change its state constantly and get transformed into a new shape every time a force is applied to its structure. The dynamic nature of the force applied by the person helps to make it possible.

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8. Churning Milk 

When a blender or a mixer is used to stir the milk or some other fluid, a certain change in its state is observed. For example, the cream gets separated from the milk on churning it. The process of constant stirring certainly leads to a change in the state of the matter. Hence, the force that is responsible to separate cream from milk comes under the category of dynamic force.

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9. Chopping Fruits 

To chop fruits and vegetables into small pieces, a shear force is required that cuts and divides them into two separate sections. Both the newly formed sections of the original product get pushed into opposite directions. The section force leads to a deformation in the original shape of the fruit or vegetable therefore, it acts as a dynamic force.

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10. Hammering a Metal

Metals possess the ability to get molded into sheets and rods. These properties of a metal are called malleability and ductility, respectively. The process of transforming a raw piece of metal into a perfect sheet or rod involves repeated action of force onto the surface of the material with the help of a heavy object. This force helps the raw metal to transform and change shape therefore, the force in action is known as a dynamic force.

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